Hopefully a chronic of things I have been up with gaps spanning no more than a decade ;)

After working a reasonably long time now on game based environments to develop posh-sharp, I wanted to see how well I can get the framework working in robotic applications. As I am also working on a new social robotic approach for a year now, which I cannot disclose yet, I thought about working on...

It has been nearly a year since my PhD was submitted .

Wait,... No, ... it has been a year by now.

Time rushes by and Dr. Gaudl is working on software/apps, on research and on somehow finding balance of life (if such a thing exists.)

In April 2016, I started working as part of the MetaMakers h...


  • Finished the PhD;
  • picked up new work at the Metamakers Institute in Falmouth;
  • working on iOS app and researching Computational Creativity trying to work on side-projects

I finished my PhD on building robust game AI in May 2016 with minor typographical corrections (I had tons of hel...