Number Zero

First post on my new page hopefully some meaningful content will start popping up here ... out of my head onto the blog ;)

The idea is, that the blog is logging the progress of my PhD and future work as well as interesting things.

My PhD is about AI---currently for games---and behaviour arbitration specifically. BehaviorTree is the dominant approach in the games industry. A really useful intro to BT was written by Bjoern.

The approach I am favouring is POSH# mainly because I took charge of POSH after Joanna Bryson introduced me to it and I found it well defined and really well suited for my purposes. POSH is really similar to BT and should be understood as one of its predecessors. It was introduced in 2000 two years before BT was discussed publicly. It is light-weight, hierarchical and is currently available for mono C# and python. I am working on the mono library and its integration into Unity3D.