How and why I re-search

It feels like most of my time is spend re-searching (rediscovering existing) ideas. But then once in a while I think "Wow this is interesting! Why has nobody tried to work on that part/branch and extend it.". In the average case, people have worked and researched most topics once I continue looking but in some cases I cannot find further work. Either this is because the path I chose is uninteresting, already exhausted, or was unattractive top people or because its new.

If I think it is worth pursuing, I continue in that direction and hope that other people see what I saw and find my research interesting.

The most important points when it comes to my research are that people (including researchers and non-researchers) understand where I wanted to go and ...

  • If they do: Then I like to discuss what they thought. Or, which direction is/was most interesting to them.
  • If they don't: I really appreciate feedback even it is devastating because I WANT to learn and enhance me and my work. If I did something wrong or misunderstood or overlooked something I'd like to know, honestly!
  • Those two things are what research makes it worth pursuing otherwise I can spend my time on things which actually make money ;)
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