I am a Researcher in Artificial Intelligence, Behaviour Modelling, Evolutionary Computation, Interaction Design and Digital Games as well as Social Robotics and Low-Cost Robotic Design. I am interested in understanding and modelling natural intelligence (things that live and act based on their senses).

Since 2023 I am Senior Lecturer (Universitetslektor) for Interaction Design at the Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, where I joined the HCI division. As part of my role I am teaching on the Human-Centred AI MSc programme. From 2018 to 2023, I was a Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Plymouth. As one of my responsibilities, I was in charge of the Game Technology degree in the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics at Plymouth.

During my PhD, I worked on agents for games and building action selection mechansism. As part of this I created poshSHARP a lightweight planner for game agents useable in game engines such as Unity. Due to my interest in natural inteligence, I researched ways to create more natural, less deterministic models or decorators for controlling behaviour. This resulted in a biomemetic model that can augment behaviours in poshSHARP. I am also using genetic programming to aid the exploration of possible behaviours and come up with interesting new ways for designing game characters. Additionally, I am working on lightweight agent systems for robots, but have not released what we are currently working as part our company :)

When I am not reading or programming or wiring electronics, I am enjoying nature, which is is amazing in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am just slightly missing the nice surfable waves in Cornwall, UK.


This page is meant to be a collection of some aspects of myself mostly from my research perspective. If you are looking for private information on me you need to talk to me because that's stuff I am not sharing here ;)


What you can find however is my CV, information on my publications, some of my interests and maybe some more. I am currently able and willing to maintain the page, so everything you'll find is probably up to date. I also share some tutorials and some tweaks to existing software which can be found under Research or in the Blog. I do know that tweaking a software or getting it working again is not research, but it is really helpful and you cannot do decent work without decent tools.