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Personal and Academic Anchor to What and Who (Swen Gaudl) I am ... *he says*


This page is meant to be a collection of some aspects of myself mostly from my research perspective. If you are looking for private information on me you need to talk to me because that's stuff I am not sharing here ;)


What you can find however is my CV, information on my publications, some of my interests and maybe some more. I am currently able and willing to maintain the page, so everything you'll find is probably up to date.

I also share some tutorials and some tweaks to existing software which can be found under Research or in the Blog.

I do know that tweaking a software or getting it working again is not research, but it is really helpful and you cannot do decent work without decent tools.

Some of the recent Things I Work On

Sometimes including things which are not so recent but I find interesting.

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A list of my published research (including downloadable versions of papers).
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From 2012 to 2016 I was undertaking my PhD. The research focused on robust design methodologies for behaviour-based game AI and was carried out at the University of Bath. The PhD was carried out under the supervision of Joanna J. Bryson. To elaborate my thesis and move it out of the confines of a paper-centric format (pdf), I am aiming to discuss parts of my research here.
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The extended ramp goal is a biomimetic extension developed to augment the actional selection process. The model was designed to fit general behaviour based AI systems and was included into the posh-sharp action selection system.

Latest Blog PostS
The little bird says:
What happened after finishing my PhD. Have I now become a researcher?
After four years working on my PhD and combining a fraction of my interest and written work into a whole, hopefully not suuper boring thesis, I started new work at a new and super remote place in the UK, Cornwall.